I. Nationality

1.1 Foreigners are allowed to rent a motorbike, provided he/she comply all the requirements needed under the terms and conditions. Filipino is only allowed if he/she pay haft of the cost of the motorbike as assurance deposit and comply under the terms and conditions.


II. Payment and Reimbursement

2.1 We accept rental fee and deposit in cash only.
2.2 The rental fee and deposit will be paid in advance before the motorbike will be released. It can be paid in any currency except traveler’s cheque’s
2.3 The rental fee is good for 24 hours x the number of 24 hours the bike is hired.
2.4 If the bike has any problem, please inform the management immediately. The cost to fix the bike will be on your account if those problems are due to the following:
– You have an accident.
– You accidentally drop the bike resulting in broken parts or damage to the engine.
– You don’t check the engine oil level, air in the tyres often enough, which causes flat tyres.
– You get the bike fixed somewhere without our knowledge or approval.


III. Refund Policy

3.1 All confirmed rental reservations are non-refundable, unless specified under that of the Reservation Cancellation Protection guidelines. There are no refunds for the early return of motorbike.


IV. Reservation Cancellation Protection

4.1 Entitlement of cancellation of your reservation in full maybe availed based on the following circumstances:
– Sudden severe medical condition suffered by the renter that prevents him or her to travel (certified medical doctor’s notice is required).
– Pregnancy of customer (Doctor’s notice is required).
– Death of customer, or immediate family member of customer (Spouse, Child, Brother, Sister, or Parent). Valid proof is required.

Maintenance Issue.

V. Service and Repair

5.1 If the keys are lost and you require a set of replacement keys, we can arrange it for you and bring to you the replacement keys. We will also charge you for the lost keys, ignition switch plus the travel fare.
5.2 In case of any en-route mechanical issue, you can call us immediately. In case of any major fault, you can provide us your location to look for a nearest service station (if available).

Loss / Theft.

VI. Lossing and Stolen of motorbike

6.1 In the event of lost or stolen of motorbike, inform the management as soon as possible: report the missing bike to the police (if you wish to) consider the motorbike stolen if the police do not have it. Estimate the bike’s current value once it is understood that the bike is stolen. You are then at liberty to check whether this is accurate or not. You are liable to pay for the motorbike. We will then give you the bike’s registration papers so that you can claim the bike should the police find it.
6.2 If the police retrieve your bike, inform us as soon as you can so that we can get it back for you. You will be responsible for any charges incurred which may include fines, storage, or transportation.

Motorbike Return.

VII. Returning of motorbike

7.1 The renter can return the motorbike between 7:00AM to 11:00PM Monday to Sunday.
7.2 We do not accept motorbike to be left with third parties or other parties not authorized by the renter, unless otherwise the renter are not legally enable to return the motorbike by himself or herself. In such case, the owner required the renter “Authorization Letter” and the owner may required to call the renter to confirm the matter. The owner will check the motorbike for any damages in the presence of the renter representative. But only the renter is required to get back the deposit and passport.
7.3 If there is any damage to the motorbike we will withhold the deposit until repairs are done and expect you to pay any extra costs if these are greater than the deposit.
7.4 When returning the motorbike it is your responsibility to check carefully for any items left under the seat, once we have the motorbike we will not be held responsible for these items.


VIII. Deposit

8.1 The owner will return your deposit and passport in full if:
– You return the motorbike on time with due notice.
– You return the motorbike without any damages.
– You return the motorbike without any missing parts.
– You return the motorbike left in full tank.
8.2 We will retain your deposit if:
– You do not inform us, at least with 48 hours prior notice, that you wish to extend the rental period.
– We reserve the right to approve or disapprove your request depending upon the further schedule bookings for the same motorbike.
– In case of non-approved extension, rental will be charged twice of the daily rental.
– The motorbike is damaged.
– There are parts missing.
– The motorbike is with a third party.
8.3 A per hour will be charge to the renter if not return on schedule.
8.4 We will return the original deposit paid to us and will not allow for any difference in exchange rate nor pay any interest on the original deposit.
8.5 In case of any major damages to the bike during your bike hire period, we will hold the deposit until all the repair work is done. Remaining balance will be refunded, after providing the final damages bill, you need to request for the refund within 7 days by sending your bank details through email or you may claim personally. If we do not hear from you within the given time, your deposit will be forfeited and no refund will be made after that.

Motorbike Pick-up.

IX. On the day you collect the motorbike

9.1 You will be required to complete a number of documents and show originals of your documents. The process of the hire of the motorbike is explained to you. The documents provided at the time of renting, provide evidence of purchase and ownership that satisfies police requirements. These documents would be shown to the police if requested during a police check point inspection.

Documents Required.

Documents Requirements

10.1 The following are the documents and monetary requirements prior motorbike rental:
– Renter Registration Form
– Motorbike Rental Agreement
– Deposit Original passport
– Valid Driver Licence
– Rental Fee
– Cash assurance deposit equivalent to the amount haft of the price of motorbike or prerogative by the management, if no passport
– Php 1000 gas and Helmet
– 24 hours policy
– No third party insurance